The present perfect simple, present perfect + already/yet

The present perfect simple (for a past action with a present result)

We use the present perfect simple when we talk about the present result of a past action.

People have polluted the sea.
They have not taken care of animals.

Form: have/has + past participle (3rd form below).

Regular verbs
polute   polluted   polluted
plant   planted   planted
destroy   destroyed   destroyed

Irregular verbs
be   was/were   been
cut   cut   cut
take   took   taken

Present perfect + already/yet (to talk bout time up to the present)

? yet (to ask if an action has been done)
A. Have you met her, yet?

– yet (to show that an action hasn’t been done up to now)
B. No, I haven’t met her, yet.

+ already (to show that an action happened sooner than expected)
C. Yes, I have already met her.

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