Present Simple (Affirmative, Interrogative, Negative)

Present Simple Prezentul simplu arată o acţiune frecventă, repetată (every day, year, month). Are forma de bază a verbului (write, work, read). Pentru persoana a III-a singular se formează cu […]

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Present Continuous (Affirmative, Interrogative, Negative)

Present Continuous Prezentul continuu exprimă în general o acţiune în desfăşurare în momentul vorbirii sau o acţiune care nu a fost terminată la momentul vorbirii. Se formează cu ajutorul verbului […]

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Simple Past – Regular Verbs

S + V-ed  …  Time I worked hard yesterday. We visited a museum last week. Hilary climbed Mount Everest in 1953. The dog jumped out of the window two minutes […]

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English Money

Coins = 1p; 2p; 5p; 10p; 20p; 50p; £1. Notes = £5; £10; £20; £50. p5 = five pence or five p; £1 = one pound; £1.50 = one pound fifty; £2.50 = two pounds fifty; £5 = […]

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Be going to – future

This structure can be used to talk about plans, intentions and decisions that have already been made. Examples: Affirmative I am (‘m) going to phone him. You are (‘re) going […]

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